Astronomy is the science that deals with the material universe beyond the earth’s atmosphere. It is the study of the physics and chemistry of celestial objects - such as stars, planets, nebulae, and galaxies - and the determination of their positions and motions; it is the study of the nature and evolution of the Universe and everything within it.

If you have an interest in astronomy and enjoy space, then we are the organization for you!  

Spaceadhyaan is a long established Hyderabad based organization providing principally Astronomy educational services to various eminent educational institutions of twin-cities. With its unique program”SPACE CLUB”spread across schools, that share their time with activity based learning and telescopes which helps to engage the young minds with unique astronomy experiences. Spaceadhyaan provides training and tools to enhance club activities, and inspire many students through their participation in our programs and events.

The Astronomy Club at Spaceadhyaan aims to provide students with the resources necessary for observing celestial objects and events, and to encourage a strong appreciation for astronomy and the sciences in general.The heart and soul of Spaceadhyaan mission is connecting astronomy to people,connecting people to learning opportunities,and inspire younger generations across the spectrum in support of their success as science,technology and academic leaders

To enhance and share scientific understanding of the Universe at local and international levels.
The mission of the Spaceadhyaan Astronomy Club is to share our varied interests in, our collective knowledge of and unbridled passion for the science of astronomy amongst its members.

Our Vision:
• To deepen our club members understanding and      knowledge of the science of astronomy.
• To gain a personal appreciation of the beauty of the universe through actual physical observation of objects in both the night time and daytime skies.
• To promote public awareness of astronomy through public presentations and star gazing activities.
• To acknowledge the detrimental effects of light pollution and to promote and encourage the use of night-sky-freindly lighting amongst our members and the general public.