​Spaceadhyaan is an educational organization operating for more than 8 years in Hyderabad and its main aim is to promote astronomical sciences among the student community, providing its services to various educational institutions in twin cities. Spaceadhyaan’s main aim is to promote astronomy-mother of all sciences in the form of Astronomy clubs and awareness programs for public.Spaceadhyaan is very much successful so far in spreading astronomy to students in the form of club activity by associating with numerous educational institutions of Hyderabad .​

To enhance and share scientific understanding of the Universe at local and international levels.
The mission of the Spaceadhyaan Astronomy Club is to share our varied interests in, our collective knowledge of and unbridled passion for the science of astronomy amongst its members.

Our Vision:
• To deepen our club members understanding and      knowledge of the science of astronomy.
• To gain a personal appreciation of the beauty of the universe through actual physical observation of objects in both the night time and daytime skies.
• To promote public awareness of astronomy through public presentations and star gazing activities.
• To acknowledge the detrimental effects of light pollution and to promote and encourage the use of night-sky-freindly lighting amongst our members and the general public.